National Adrenal Diseases Foundation

Mission Statement

The mission of this website is to support the East Tennessee Adrenal Diseases Support Group.

Persons with adrenal disease need to understand the disease so they can cooperate with their health care providers in managing their care. They also need information to share with health care providers who have not had extensive patient experience with the disease, especially when patients are under stressful conditions. Just as organizations make adaptations to physical facilities for individuals with physical challenges, so educational institutions, employers and caregivers may need to make adaptations for individuals with an adrenal disease. Information about adrenal diseases selected from various foundations, research, and self-help groups is provided for each of these groups. Most individuals with Addison's, one of the adrenal diseases that was always fatal before the development of hydrocortisone, can now benefit from a virtually full and productive life with new research and health care practices.

The ETADSG is a effort by the National Adrenal Disease Foundation involving individuals in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Ashville who have adrenal insufficient disease.

Meetings and activities are posted in the Local Activities menu tab of this web site.