National Adrenal Diseases Foundation
  1. The first meeting of the East Tennessee Adrenal Disease Support Group will be held June 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM at the University of Tennessee Medical Center's Health Information Center. We encourage all individuals interested in adrenal disease to attend. They believe this information can make the difference in an Addisonian that lives the rest of their living as an invalid or an almost normal life.
  2. This Map should help you find the meeting room."

    1. Agenda items for June 13, 2015 meeting :
    2. Meeting held in Meeting Room 1 at Health Information Center University of Tennessee Hospital
      1. Getting to know each other and the kind of questions individuals may have.
      2. Providing attendees with the information recommended by NADF and the English Addison's Disease Self Support Group
      3. Teaching attendees to use the ETADSG web site.
      4. Helping attendees understand why patients must manually replace hormones automatically generated by the normal adrenal glands for of others.
      5. Understand how patients must manage medication in response to fluctuating stress levels. They should work in cooperation with their physician but their physician does not know their daily stress level or how they respond.
      6. Understand the importance of medication timing
      7. Understand the life or death consequence of identifying yourself as an Addisonian especially when going to the emergency room or the physician's office.
      8. We are inviting a physician to attend to answer key questions asked by attendees
    3. E-mail Frank Davis, Co-Coordinator or Ross Wyllie, Co-Coordinator to get on the contact list.