National Adrenal Diseases Foundation

Information important for Employers

Employers are familiar with making modification so that employees with physical challenges can be effective employees. Modifications such as ramp, or bathroom modifications are common place. Less familiar is cases where the employee has a hormonal challenge. Here are several documents that will be helpful in rethinking the modifications that may need to be made to allow the employee to be productive employees. Remember John F. Kennedy had Addison's disease and functioned as President with it.

  1. When an employee has Addison's This handbook was developed for English Employers of Individuals with Addison's disease.
  2. Adaption to Addison's disease in a child , Journal of pediatric Health Care, November-December, 2003. This article about an 11 year old student may seem irrelevant to an employer of adults but it describes many of the problems that occur when coworker expect the person to respond like a normal person. Once the employer understands the nature of the challenge and the importance of managing medication and having time to stabilize the body the relationship can be very beneficial to both employee and employer. It is especially important since the Addison is looking for small accommodations so they can work rather than excuses not to work.