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How can Organizations make Adaptations to allow an Addisonian to have a full and productive life?

Often the biggest obstacle to adapting to special needs is understanding and not misinterpreting the special need. Once they understand the special need, things often get back to normal.

Adaption to Addison's disease in a child, Journal of pediatric Health Care, November-December, 2003. This article describes the difficulty of getting patients, parents, teachers and peers to understand the unusual nature of the disease and what they have to do to facilitate its management by the patient. Once this is done the major goal is to live life normally by managing medication.

When an employee has Addison's: This flyer, prepared by the Addison's Self Help Group in England provides a good overview of steps that can be made to allow the Addisonian to work effectively. For example, training first aid personnel in how to give shots in case of crisis and allowing time for medical appointments.